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Each week we will feature local and national Celebrities talking about any and everything! Current projects, their lives, their ups and downs..did we say any and everything??!!!

At some point in the interview we will talk about a charity the Celebrity is either involved with or supports. During this time we will mention our Caricature4Charity program.

The concept behind Charity4Ever.org and our Caricatures4Charity program is quite simple.

1. A Celebrity agrees to allow us to commission an artist to paint a caricature of the Celebrity.

2. We then produce a limited number of prints of the painting.

3. These limited edition prints are individually signed by the Celebrity.

4. We sell these signed limited edition prints and give a large portion of the proceeds to the Celebrity’s charity
of choice.

This show will tremendously entertaining and also will be a great avenue to promote awareness and raise money for many very worthwhile charities. It will also show that Celebrities really do care, that they really do have a heart!

We ask for you support and if you know of any Celebrities who would like to be involved…send them to us!!! Thanks!


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Celebrity Interviews


Caricatures For Sale

Each Caricature is individually signed by the Celebrity. Limited edition – Only 500 prints are sold.


Pay It Forward

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Please feel free to contact us for any question you may have.

If you would like to be a Sponsor of the show or if you are a Celebrity or know a Celebrity would like to appear on our show…

Please use the form to contact us

or call 817-226-1472.

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